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Personal Injury, Clinical Negligence and Court of Protection

Adroit Financial Planning have been advising clients of personal injury, clinical negligence and Court of Protection solicitors for many years. Between the financial advisers within the team, we have almost 70 years’ experience.

Our expertise lies in both pre-settlement matters, acting as expert witnesses and post-settlement matters, such as assistance with investment strategies and Trustee services.

  • Welfare Benefits Services
  • Pension Loss Calculations
  • Periodical Payment Assessments
  • Savings and Investments
  • Risk Profiling
  • Cash Flow Modeling

Welfare Benefits Services

Often when someone suffers a serious injury or loss, they can also suffer a substantial financial impact which can cause additional stress. Dealing with the emotional stress, as well as the litigation process and medical needs, can be difficult enough without having to deal with the complex area of their rights to benefits.

We have a dedicated Welfare Rights Adviser who specialises in assisting personal injury and medical negligence clients in ensuring that they receive the benefits they are entitled to, alleviating the financial pressure they may encounter as a result of their injury.

We can offer a number of Welfare Benefits Services to your personal injury and clinical negligence clients such as:

  • Assisting in your client meetings – attending your client meetings with you to provide initial benefits advice.
  • Providing a full benefits health check – reviewing what clients are currently receiving and what they are entitled to.
  • Assistance with applications – assisting with the completion of any applications and managing the process.
  • Representation at hearings – managing your clients through the mandatory appeal process and representing them at tribunals to ensure they get the best outcome.


We can ensure your clients are provided with the best welfare benefits advice available and will continue to assist as your clients financial situation changes and throughout the duration of their case. Watch our video on how our benefits adviser can help you and your clients.

We also have helpful brochures explaining benefits such as Attendance Allowance, Disability Living Allowance, Employment Support Allowance and Personal Independence Payment. If you would like copies, please email

Pension Loss Calculations

For clients that have suffered a serious injury, it’s extremely important to include pension loss calculations into the schedule, particularly where there is a significant loss of earnings. A solicitor that fails to include pension loss potentially runs the risk of being accused of negligence.

Adroit has a team of extremely experienced advisers who specialise in expert witness reports in respect of pension loss and will investigate areas where there are potential claims in terms of state pensions, company pension schemes and auto-enrolment schemes (the Workplace Pension)

Periodical Payment Assessments

When claiming periodical payments for your clients, it can be most beneficial to have a periodical payment assessment produced by an expert financial adviser to help achieve the best possible outcome.

Our experts at Adroit can assist by producing a number of reports relating to periodical payments including:

Preliminary Reports:

This is an initial report which is produced and sets out the advantages and disadvantages of periodical payments for the benefit of the client and their legal team. It can also be used to notify the Defendants of your intention to claim periodical payments.

Periodical Payment Assessments:

This detailed report sets out everything that’s needed to claim periodical payments. It covers all aspects of the schedule of loss and ensures that all their future needs are fully considered.

Settlement Assessments:

This detailed report is provided when the claimant lacks mental capacity and the court requires a qualified financial adviser to advise on the claimant’s future losses. This helps to ensure that the best possible outcome is achieved.

Savings and Investments

Where clients receive significant awards of compensation, they can often require financial advice on savings and investments in order to ensure that they are financially viable in the future.

Also, when clients no longer have capacity to manage their assets, and a Trust is established, the Trustees often require investment advice to ensure the beneficiaries are fully protected and the Trustees are providing the best possible service to them.

As Adroit are fully independent financial advisers, we’re able to provide an unbiased approach to investment advice. We ensure that the investor’s objectives are fully considered and look at the most tax-efficient options for them. We’ll then recommend a suitable portfolio. 

Risk Profiling

When making an investment, particularly when you’re a Trustee, the risks involved can be of great concern. This is why risk profiling is such an important part of the process. It covers knowledge and experience of investments, attitude to risk and capacity for loss.

This assists the adviser to ensure that the recommendation is tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of the Trust.

Our team of experts will measure the risks with great consideration and by understanding your clients’ objectives and what they are comfortable with, their expectations of returns and the level of risk they can afford to take.

The risk profiling we carry out will ensure that Trustees and investors are able to make a fully informed decision and one which provides them with the best possible outcome.

Cash Flow Modeling

Although you don’t necessarily need a professional financial adviser to prepare a cash flow model, most Trustees prefer their cash flow model to be produced by a financial adviser as it provides them with a sense of reassurance, knowing that everything has been taken into account and that they’re managing the Trust to the best of their ability.

Adroit has a significant amount of experience in this area and has been preparing cash flow models for Trustees for many years. We’ll work closely with you and your client to ensure there is a clear understanding of future plans. Using sophisticated modeling software and revisiting the cash flow modeling process regularly will ensure that the strategy is up to date and they get the very most out of it.

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