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Financial support for victims of disasters, such as the Grenfell and Manchester Arena


The National Emergencies Trust (NET) is a charity which was set up in March 2019. It was put in place for when disasters occur such as the Grenfell tower fire, the Manchester arena bombings and the London terror attacks. It works with and includes local charities from around the UK to support victims of these individual disasters in their time of need.

The funds can be applied for by individuals impacted by these events to pay for additional costs that may be incurred in light of such disasters. 

It’s important to note that these funds, if applied for will not affect any existing benefits you receive. The NET has an agreement with the DWP (Department for Work and Pensions) to ensure that any charitable financial gift received by an individual impacted by an emergency, does not have their benefits penalised.

Most recently, the NET have partnered with the British Red Cross and have launched a fundraising appeal to support communities affected by the coronavirus pandemic. However, during the Coronavirus Appeal, the NET have not distributed financial gifts to individuals directly. However, instead funds have been distributed to charitable organisations who have in turn provided a service for those individuals.

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