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Adroit turn 21


This month we’re celebrating Adroit’s rich history and expertise as the team turns 21. Find out more about their services.

Adroit Financial Planning, based on Mosley Street, Manchester are a nationwide company offering a truly holistic approach to financial planning.

With more than two decades in the industry Adroit believe in delivering a personal service, taking time to understand individual client needs and ensuring financial security and growth.

“Adroit started life as Pannone Financial Planning back in 1998 with just three people,” says Neil Jefferies, Head of Financial Planning Services. “Fast forward 21 years and we now have a dynamic and skilled team of 16 with £230m of funds under management."

Adroit’s experts have extensive experience working with clients and their legal team, specialising in providing financial advice and acting as expert witnesses both pre and post settlement. They also provide investments advice and even offer training to solicitors and barristers, in fact, they are the only APIL accredited IFA in the UK. 

“This year has been a brilliant time for our team,” says Neil. “Reaching a mile stone anniversary and diversifying what we do through the launch of our new digital investment platform, which is available to colleagues and clients alike, all while continuing to deliver the very best client care.”

If you would like to know more about Adroit Financial Planning and the services it can offer, please contact us here.