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Who are TAM Asset Management?


Who are TAM Asset Management?  

TAM Asset Management is an award-winning discretionary investment manager with company roots tracing back to the 1930s. TAM's experienced team of investment professionals believe that all investors should have easy access to actively managed, diversified and transparent investment portfolios, regardless of their level of wealth. 

TAM Asset Management is the company responsible for processing the applications and managing the investment portfolios made on Adroit Direct. 

Is TAM Asset Management regulated?  

Yes. TAM Asset Management Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) No. 208243. 

What is Adroit Financial Planning’s relationship with TAM? 

Adroit Financial Planning is purely acting in the role of introducer to TAM's non-advised and entirely self-selected investment platform service, Adroit Direct.  

Does TAM Asset Management provide any financial or investment advice? 

Adroit Direct only provides information about and access to the range of discretionary managed investment portfolios offered and managed by TAM. This information and access to TAM’s services is provided on a non-advised basis.  

As we have no knowledge of your personal circumstances or financial situation, we’re unable to make a representation or advise you as to the suitability of the discretionary asset management service or of a particular portfolio 

Should you require any financial or investment advice outside of Adroit Direct, you can contact one of Adroit Financial Planning’s independent financial advisers. 

What is a Discretionary Investment Manager (DIM)? 

A DIM is a specialist investment manager that you authorise to manage your investment portfolio and make investment decisions on your behalf. A DIM will make investment decisions without your prior approval or consultation, and by selecting your chosen portfolio, you give explicit instruction to TAM to manage your money in line with that profile. 

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