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How much does it cost to invest with Adroit Direct?


How much does it cost to invest with Adroit Direct?

An investment portfolio is a collection of investment funds, selected and managed on an investor's behalf by a portfolio manager. The range and type of funds selected by the investment manager in your portfolio will vary depending upon your chosen portfolio type and risk profile. 

There are three charges that you need to be aware of when investing with Adroit Direct.

  1. Adroit Direct fee - There is a platform fee charge for the provision of the service which is 0.35% pa.
  2. Investment Portfolio Management Fee - This fee is charged for the management of your investment portfolio by the portfolio manager. These fees are deducted from your investment monies and are fully detailed in the application process, in the FAQs and in the online reporting and delivery. TAM Asset Management Ltd charge a fee of 0.65% p a for managing your portfolio.
  3. Ongoing Charges Figure (OCF) - Each fund within your portfolio incurs its own expenses and costs. You don’t have to pay these as an extra charge – they’re actually already built into the published unit price. To give you an accurate measure of what it costs to invest in a fund, each fund manager publishes an OCF (Ongoing Charges Figure)

Your portfolio is built from a range of funds. The OCF’s for the funds in your portfolio are added up to create an average figure for the whole portfolio. The OCF is dependent upon the portfolio type and composition of the underlying investments and may fluctuate over time. The latest range of OCF figures for your chosen portfolio are quoted in the online application and are available on request.

Are there any additional admin fees to pay as well as the monthly fee?

The investment management company, TAM, don’t charge any admin fees, but if you would like to withdraw some or all of your funds at any point, or if you cancel your account and subsequently your funds need to be returned to you, standard bank charges will apply. Our default payment method is via BACS at £10 per transaction and should take three working days to clear in your account. Same day payment can be requested and completed via CHAPS, costing £25 per transaction.

In order to pay the monthly fee, do I need to set up a direct debit?

You don’t need to do anything. The investment management company, TAM, will automatically deduct all fees from your portfolio on a monthly basis, and you can view all transactions by logging into your online account, whenever, wherever, on whatever device.

Is the percentage fee fixed or is it likely to increase at any point?

The investment management company, TAM, reserve the right to change their rates from time to time, but will notify you at least 30 calendar days before any such change takes effect.

Are there any initial costs involved in creating an account?

All you need to create an account is the amount which you wish to invest, which must be a minimum of £1,000. 

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More information 

For full and detailed information, read TAM's FAQs. 

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