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Investment Services and Wealth Management

Many people when looking at their long-term financial security will think about making an investment. However, there are so many choices, it's often difficult to understand what the right investment is for you.

This is why, unless you have an in-depth knowledge of investing, when investing large sums of money, it's important to seek independent financial advice to get a bespoke investment portfolio which suits your current finances, your financial goals and the level of risk you're able to take.

How can Adroit Help?

There are thousands of options when it comes to investing and it can be extremely difficult to
understand and decide on the best one.

We’ll work closely with your clients to ensure we find the right balance of investments. If a Trustee is looking to make the investment on behalf of a beneficiary, we’ll also review the Trust document to ensure that all legal requirements are followed. 

As we’re independent financial advisers, we can research the whole market when recommending the best investments. We’ll put together a tailored portfolio which will be managed day to day, meets all your clients’ objectives and ensures they’re as
tax-efficient as possible.

We also have a vast amount of experience acting as financial advisers to many vulnerable individuals, for example, those who have been involved in a personal injury or medical negligence and have suffered catastrophic injuries, and we also work with a large number of Deputies in the Court of Protection in respect of the financial security of those vulnerable individuals. 

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