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Post Settlement Support

Where clients receive significant awards in settlement of their case, they can often require financial advice on savings and investments in order to ensure that they are financially viable in the future.

Also, when clients no longer have capacity to manage their assets, and a Trust is established, the Trustees often require investment advice to ensure the beneficiaries are fully protected and the Trustees are providing the best possible service to them.

As Adroit are fully independent financial advisers, we’re able to provide an unbiased approach to investment advice. We ensure that the investor’s objectives are fully considered and look at the most tax-efficient options for them. We’ll then recommend a suitable portfolio. 

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One of our clients is Catrin. She had a personal injury claim following a horrific road traffic accident in the French Alps where she suffered 96% burns. 

Read about Catrin's story and watch her testimonial below. 

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