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Periodical Payment Order Assessments

When claiming periodical payments for personal injury and medical negligence clients, it can be most beneficial to have a periodical payment assessment produced by an expert financial adviser to help achieve the best possible outcome. A report assessing the merits of a Periodical Payment Order can help establish a desirable outcome for clients, ensuring that future needs are met.

Our experts at Adroit can assist by producing a number of reports relating to periodical payments including:

Preliminary Reports:

This is an initial report which sets out the advantages and disadvantages of periodical payments for the benefit of the client and their legal team. It can also be used to notify defendants of your intention to claim periodical payments.

Periodical Payment Assessments:

This detailed report sets out everything that is needed to claim periodical payments. It covers all aspects of the schedule of loss and ensures that all their future needs are fully considered.

Settlement Assessments:

This detailed report is provided when the claimant lacks mental capacity and the court requires a qualified financial adviser to advise on the claimant’s future losses. This helps to ensure that the best possible outcome is achieved.

Our team are also experienced at helping clients and Deputies confirm that they receive the correct annual periodical payments, following settlement, by providing periodical payment uplift calculations.


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