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Financial Services for Businesses

Adroit has been working with corporate clients for many years. Our independent financial advice and assistance corporate services provides them with additional security when running their business.

Shareholder and Partnership Protection

If a key stakeholder in a business dies, quite often the shares held would pass to the spouse or other beneficiaries. The beneficiaries rarely want to be involved in the business and the other stakeholders would often rather buy the shares back.

We can assess your client’s situation and put in place insurance to provide the remaining stakeholders with the money to make such a purchase, enabling them to remain in control and for the beneficiaries to receive fair value.

Key Person Insurance

It may be that a certain employee is key to a business and their loss would have a huge financial impact. Again, we’re able to advise your clients on adequate insurance to help the business cope with the loss of such a person, providing funds to compensate for loss of income and potential recruitment and training costs.

Corporate Pensions

Auto-Enrolment legislation is now in place which means that all employers and employees have to contribute to a pension scheme. Whilst the Government currently offers “Personal Accounts” to receive these payments, we’re able to offer advice on this and also the alternatives.

We can advise on ways in which to structure the payments so that additional tax benefits, for both your clients and their employees, are achieved.

We can also offer suitable investment advice to ensure the assets in any such scheme are well managed.

Investment Strategies

If your clients are looking to invest, Adroit offer a full tailored investment service. We’ll advise and assist on all your clients investment needs. Our tailored programme includes:

  • Providing sound investment advice
  • Research the whole market and provide details of the best investments to suit their needs
  • Ensure we find the best most tax-efficient solutions
  • Carry out risk profiling
  • Prepare a detailed investment portfolio
  • Create a cash flow model
  • Monitor investments

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