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Family Law and Divorce Financial Services

Getting divorced can be a particularly distressing time for your clients. Apart from the obvious emotional issues, they face the upheaval of their personal financial circumstances. We can provide solicitors with expert advice on a range of financial issues both pre and post settlement of the case.

Mortgage Capacity

Often, the priority for divorcees is finding somewhere to live and understanding a client’s mortgage capacity is an important step along the path to reaching a settlement. Although Adroit does not provide mortgage advice, we can access this service for you.

Pension Sharing Advice

If your client’s pension has suffered as a result of a divorce, they will need to seek advice on how to rebuild the amount that has been lost to ensure they will still have sufficient income in retirement. We can provide them with all the advice and assistance necessary.

For those clients who have been awarded a pension share in a divorce, we can assist in implementing their share. We will:

  • Contact the existing pension provider to find out what options are available for the credit they have received
  • Consider any other pension benefits they have and help plan for the income they require in the future
  • Look at investment strategies that suit their individual circumstances and needs
  • Handle all of the administration in dealing with the pension sharing credit, which, where appropriate, will result in them having a completely independent pension that has no links to their former spouse.

Maintenance Protection

If your client is to receive maintenance payments, what would happen should the person responsible for the payments die?

If your client would like a provision made within the consent order to ensure their ex-spouse co-operates with taking out life insurance so that this income would continue upon their death, we can arrange the most appropriate life insurance package for them and provide both you and your client with all the financial advice you need.

General Financial Planning

If the general financial aspects of a divorce are complex and you need professional financial advice or assistance, we can assist.

We have a wealth of knowledge in respect of investments, property, shares, bonds, pensions and other assets and can provide both you and your client with all the advice they need.

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